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1. Is this real vanilla extract?

Yes. According to FDA an "extract" can be named as such, when its ingredients are: Water, Alcohol 35%Vol, sugar and vanilla bean extractions. That is exactly what you´ll see in our label.

2. What % of alcohol does your extract has?
It has 35% as a pure extract should have to earn the name “extract”

3. Does your extract contains Coumarin? 
No at all! It is also tested by an international laboratory “ANRESCO”.

4. Does your extract contains Sugar?
Yes, it is one of the ingredients that an extract can have according to FDA regulations. 

5. Is this a quality product?
Yes it is. It is made through an “innocuous” production process. 

6. How Mexican Vanilla is different from Vanilla from other countries.
Mexico is vanilla motrherland (Papantla, Mexico); our extract is made with the same love, Totonacs used to do it centuries ago! Just as it is best to get Champagne from France! On the other hand it has a stronger yet smooth aroma. It is cultivated naturally in the fields not in greenhouses as is done in Madagascar.

7. How should I use it? 
Just add one or two spoons of Villa Vainilla extract to your recipes.

8. Since it has alcohol in it, is it suitable for children? 
It is important to point out that it is not suitable for children when consumed directly from the bottle; Yet, when you bake your recipes, alcohol will evaporate and leave only the Vanilla extract in your recipes. 

9. Why is this product different from the one I bought at Duty free?
Villa Vainilla Pure Mexican vanilla extract has 35% Alcohol vs. 10% contained in our Duty free Concentrates. It differs as well in price due to tax (Duty fee is a free tax buy) plus distribution costs in order to get to North America.

10. Why is there cheap Mexican Vanillas in the market, are they real?
Beware of fake products in the market. If a vanilla costs below 20dlls in a big presentation, for sure it is NOT an authentic Vanilla! If it is a “clear” product it is NOT authentic. If it has Vanillin it is NOT authentic.

11. Can I order other products from Villa Vainilla on-line? (Vanila Beans,Chocolates, Coffe, Cakes)
Unfortunately not at the moment. We´ll let you know in the near future what other products we´ll make available to shop on-line. Meanwhile enjoy them in your next visit to our beautiful country!

12. Can you ship your Vanilla extract to other countries?
At the moment, we´re only available on the USA 

13. How is Maria Tepoztlán Xocolatl different from other Chocolates?
Our Xocolat its the original, ancestral and Nahuatl Chocolate recipe, for that reason it tastes completely different than a commercial American or European MILK chocolate (like Hersheys, Milkyway, Toblerone, Milka, Lindt, etc), our product is an historical experience because it doesn't contains milk or other additional sweet flavors. Xocolat is made of Cacao (more than 70%), Sugar (25%) and regional species twist like vanilla, cinnamon, chili or peanut.